Rowan “Roc’D” Jimenez has always been a one-man party. In this new sonic journey, Jimenez joined forces with bassist-producer Jeremy “Musiquito” Allen. Guarandinga by extension is a guaranteed fiestón with roots, abandon, and a positive message of unity to boot!

*The new material is crackin’ . . .
— John Santos 5 time Latin Grammy nominated artist

PEOPLE....There's a new crew in town. Are you ready!



Guarandinga's debut EP "MERENDOLA Vol.I" hits the streets April 2018. Rowan "Roc'D" Jiménez and Jeremy "Musiquito" Allen have developed a dance-inducing sound they call Latin Afro-Pop which is inspired by everything from hip hop, funk and Afro-Beat, but grounded in rhythmic components from central coast Venezuelan music.

"MERENDOLA" was recorded at Musiquito Productions Studio in Oakland, California  and is a major step on a long road back to full power for Jiménez. Particularly since he is a "walking miracle" (Jiménez became a bi-lateral lung transplant recipient in 2008) and is "unbelievably stronger than he was before in voice, body and spirit" says iconic Bay Area drum master/musician, John Santos, who brought his science to the mix with a special guest appearance on "Inconveniente".

Engineered by Allen and produced by Allen and Jiménez, "MERENDOLA" is the "perfect combo of all the music we love,” says Allen. "Guarandinga's journey is about creating an unfilled musical niche on a scene brimming with salsa and cumbia, and that's what our signature Latin Afro-Pop sound unveils" adds Jiménez.

Jiménez and Allen attracted a cast of stellar players to join forces in the making of MERENDOLA which is set to be release in three volumes. Chris Carter on Guitar, Kenya Moses on Vocals and James "Sicknasty" on drums are the catalyst that bonds the music in the record. To fortify the final result, tracks were mixed by Eddie "El Brujo" Caipo (Enrique Iglesias, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera), and mastered in Bogota, Colombia by Carlos A. Silva.  MERENDOLA Vol.I single "Dime Que Si" coming in March. Check it out, you'll be quoting the words.... Dime Que Si...Oh yes!