An infectious beat! A new Classic.
-Ric Fasekas | Music Promoter | Los Angeles

Guarandinga’s single, “Dime Que Si”  is here.  The track’s back bone is rooted in the SANGUEO beat from Venezuela’s central coast and is fortified by an exquisitely stacked instrumentation, building on the theme. Rowan Jimenez’s makes the song a multilingual experience, with an Afro-Caribbean dashed melody that knits Spanish and English lyrics into an explosive dance anthem. Kenya Moses’s vocals are supported by special guest, Cava Menzies, who side by side with Chris Carter’s guitar, create a synchronized trance. Jeremy Allen’s funk flavored bass  is propelled by James “Sticknasty” Small’s masterful thwacks on drums, defining Guarandinga’s signature Latin Afro-Pop sound. This is how music in the new millennium looks, sounds and feels.

"Dime Que Si”  is track 1 of  “MERENDOLA Vol.I”, Guarandinga’s debut EP. 

Beauty & Power!

Our very special thanks, love and gratitude. Keeping it real.

On the cover Cynthia Hampton @cyn_hamn
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