Keyboardist Cava Menzies joins the fam!

Guarandinga would like to introduce the newest member of our extended musical family: keyboardist, composer, music educator, and Bay area native, Cava Menzies, who will be joining us for the June 2nd show with Los Amigos!

Not only is Cava en exceptional musician and vocalist, but she comes from a long line of musical talents; her grandmother, a pioneer in the New York Jazz scene as a dancer at the Cotton Club, her father, Eddie Henderson, an accomplished jazz trumpeter and early member of the Herbie Hancock sextet, and her mother a classically trained flautist. Cava’s musical talents extend from collaborations with various Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz and Latin artists to film documentaries.

Cava is a 2014 National Artist Teaching Fellow, a Berklee alum (where she studied jazz piano and music education) and has received her MM from the University of Miami (where she studied composition, music production and recording). Cava is also a founding faculty member and teacher at the Oakland School for the Arts (OSA), where she chairs the Music Department. 

Find out more about Cava Menzies at and watch her tear it up on keys at The New Parish on June 2nd with Guarandinga and Los Amigos Invisibles.