Guarandinga Rocks the New Parish-Oakland CA

Guarandinga Rocks the New Parish-Oakland CA

Guarandinga is Oakland, California’s latest sonic awakening led by singer/lyricist Rowan Jiménez and bassist/producer Jeremy Allen. Their unconventional music weaves heavy Afro-Caribbean beats fueled by folklore, pop, and gritty East Bay funk. This creates the perfect platform for the Spanish & English wordplay of Jiménez’s soulful lyrics. Jimenez received notoriety as founder and lead vocalist for the Bay Area's Latin alternative band OriXa, which received a California Music Award for "Outstanding Latin Album" and  the ASCAP Latino Award for "Best Independent Group”.

Rowan Jiménez and Jeremy Allen are joined by 5 remarkable musicians to create Guarandinga’s multidimensional music: vocalist Kenya Moses, drummer Brian Andres, guitarist Chris Carter, keyboard/synth player Cava Menzies, and electro trumpeter Henry Hung.  They take inspiration from across the musical spectrum; their influences range from recognizable artists (Yerba Buena, Bomba Stereo, Anti Balas) to genres and eras that don’t initially appear to fit together (hip hop, alt-latin, rock, early electronica, and dancehall). It is this chemistry and Guarandinga’s Afro-Venezuelan roots  that makes this band’s original music provocative and infectious. Their unique blend of seemingly disparate sounds would lead one to describe the band as defying categorization.

On the cusp of a new era of Afro-Latin electronica, the band is looking forward to the release of it’s first EP in Fall 2017. This album has been a year in the making and marks the evolution of Guarandinga’s distinctive sound. The band remains in high demand with performances throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

guarandinga is

Rowan Jiménez - vocals, percussion
Jeremy Allen - bass, vocals, cuatro, percussion

Featured musicians:

Kenya Moses - percussion, vocals

Chris Carter - guitar

Brian Andres - drums

James "Sticknasty" Small - drums


From time to time:
Henry Hung - trumpet/synth
Cava Menzies - keyboards, vocals

Makini Duewa - dance

Special thanks to the Guarandinga media crew: Photos courtesy of Andrea Kash, Marisa Aragona and Tracey Mammolito. Graphic Design - Chris Stevenson and Jeremy Allen.